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The Normandy Group now has a blog with information on predictive maintenance and case studies. You can check it out here.

We are pleased to announce two additions to our product line. TNT Reliability Services and Tribologik. Please click on the Product tab above to learn more about these companies. Contact for more information

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SDT Ultrasound systems detect ultrasound energy. Ultrasound energy is produced by three main sources.

1) Turbulence
2) Friction
3) Electrical

Ultrasound energy is above the normal human hearing capabilities. The SDT ultrasound system converts this high frequency energy into the audible range so we can monitor and locate the sources of ultrasound energy in the plant.

The technology is simple to use and very cost effective.

Predict mechanical failures weeks before they occur.
Pinpoint leaks despite deafening ambient plant noise.
Sort working steam traps from faulty ones.
Safely find dangerous arcing conditions in electrical systems.

In general, SDT helps you HEAR MORE, so you can DO MORE

SDT's Ultrasound Technology leads a revolution for reliability and maintenance professionals.
Solutions built for every budget, SDT Ultrasound is Predictive Maintenance for the Masses."

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